Wish Experience



Here you can find out a bit more about all of our work.  We specialize in taking ordinary things, pulling them apart and seeing what’s inside, and then putting them back together in ways that are imaginative, welcoming, and easy-going.  Check out our current and previous work below.

Currently Touring / In Development


A Brief History of Beer

A drinkeractive journey through time and space in search of the nefarious villain who stole our beer away!




KillSwitch v1.0

A new work in development…



Past Productions



The Indian Trial

A comical one-woman journey across India to find herself goes wrong in so many ways…  (NYC & Australia, 2015-1026)


sqThe Awesome Show

An interactive, experimental discovery of awesomeness in all of its senses.  (UK, 2011-2012)



A delicate show for one, Mend is the story of a child-hood sick day home.  (UK, 2011)



Servin’ Up Georgia: The Myth of the American South

An immersive recreation of a Waffle House Diner in the midst of a British Arts Centre.  (UK, 2011)